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Three Generations Helping Patients Hear Better

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In certain instances of tinnitus where the patient hears a specific tone, Notch Therapy may be used for management. In these cases a patient’s brain may be focusing on the area which perceives the sound of the tinnitus, drawing resources away from areas which would pay attention to other sounds. Notch Therapy uses a sound enriched environment to stimulate the

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New technologies are available for us to use in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), making it easier to work with patients who would otherwise be unable to come to our offices for regular follow ups. One of the most important aspects of TRT is configuring the sound generators in the hearing aids to the correct levels for different frequencies, allowing us

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When it comes to tinnitus there are quite a few options available to help treat the overwhelming noise. Tinnitus, for some, can be quite debilitating, but with the help of one of the following treatment options freedom can be within reach. White noise machines: A white noise machine is a device that simulates environmental, or white noise, for a person.

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Did you know that tinnitus is a result of an underlying condition? Many people think that tinnitus, characterized by a ringing, buzzing, hissing or roaring sound people hear in one or both ears, is a health issue in and of itself. Tinnitus is often a result of a larger health issue that damages or harms the cells in part of

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