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Three Generations Helping Patients Hear Better

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Hearing tests are not particularly well-known about among the general populace, nor are they part of standard health screening for most groups. As a result, many people just don’t think about attending a hearing test; they see it as something they will do in future when they reach a certain age. However, hearing tests can be beneficial for a variety

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There’s a noise in your ear that no one else can hear. It could be the sound of rushing waves, a constant ringing, a temporary buzzing or it might even be a snippet of music on repeat. If this sounds familiar, you probably have a condition known as tinnitus . However, you may still have a number of questions about

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Hearing tests can be beneficial for almost anyone. However, there are certain groups of people who have a higher need to take hearing tests. If you are in one of these groups, then you should strongly consider having your hearing tested. Here is a list of groups of people who should take hearing tests. 1. People over age 65 Elderly

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