Choosing your first hearing aid — or upgrading your existing hearing aid — can be a confusing process. The technology available is wonderful in terms of its scope, but can often lead to a feeling of having too large a choice to truly know what might be suitable for you.

What you need is clear, concise information about the hearing aid options on the market— which is what we’re going to discuss below. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular forms of hearing aids, ITE hearing aids, and explain the benefits they offer to the user.

Bespoke design

As your audiologist has likely explained to you, ITE stands for “in the ear” hearing aids. These, as you might expect, are hearing aids that are designed to sit in the ear, rather than behind the ear (BTE). The requirements of ITE hearing aids mean that they are custom-made for you, the user, which helps ensure maximum comfort when in use. If you’re struggling to find a hearing aid that feels natural against your ear, then a bespoke ITE design might be the best option.

Excellent amplification

ITE hearing aids are well known for their powerful capabilities; they are able to produce excellent sound amplification due to their larger size and close proximity to the ear itself. If you have more severe levels of hearing loss, then you can be confident that an ITE design will be able to provide the sound amplification that you require.

Excellent sound quality

It’s not just the amplification that ITE hearing aids can provide: they also offer excellent sound quality. The great sound quality is courtesy of the twin microphone design that ITE hearing aids tend to use, which allows you to feel confident using your hearing aids in a variety of different settings and locations. If you’re looking for clarity of sound as a maximum priority, then ITE hearing aids might well be the best choice for you.

Comfortable use

One of the major benefits of ITE hearing aids is that they are recessed against the ear, so you can comfortably use telephones and other receivers with an ITE hearing aid in place. Given that your choice of hearing aid should, first and foremost, be compatible with your lifestyle, this is a huge benefit that is well worth considering.

Easy to disguise

If you want to disguise your hearing aid, then ITE hearing aids are a good choice. They are less obvious to an onlooker and can be quite discreet, especially if you wear your hair long. Although they are not invisible to onlookers, ITE hearing aids are less visible than BTE options. If discretion is an important factor for you, then ITE styles should definitely be at the top of your list of considerations.

Of course, there is no hearing aid type that is suitable for everyone, but ITE hearing aids are popular for a reason. If you think an ITE hearing aid might be suitable for you, tell your audiologist, who will then be able to advise you further.