Hearing aids continue to evolve from the simple amplifiers I worked with from over 40 years ago, to the highly technical computer sound processing systems of today. Practitioners today not only prescribe for the biological hearing loss from nerve damage, but we also address the patients’ ability (or inability) to process sounds and more importantly, speech.  There are literally tens of thousands of prescriptive settings available in the best hearing aids to give the patient the best possible speech recognition. Hence, the skilled training and expertise to properly care for a patient negates equipment through the mail or without a licensed practitioner for continued care. Connectivity is the growing technology in the best hearing-aids. We can now connect many tv, music, phone, computer, ipad and other sound sources to stream through these hearing aids, thus making them as invaluable as your cell phone. Tinnitus- Tinnitus treatment has recently become a reality with our latest research, instrumentation and clinical protocols. MHTC has developed treatment systems individualized for each patient that have yielded comfortable suppression in over 80% of our patients. Unfortunately, many of our successes have come to us after years of being told that “nothing can be done” . We are proving that wrong. We offer affordable consultations for Tinnitus patients to obtain information and treatment options. Misophonia & Hyperacussis are now being formally recognized as sensory disorders. MHTC has adapted some of the proven therapies from Tinnitus; added new ones and has successfully treated these disorders. Again, the internet is full of a lot of information and mis-information. Like Tinnitus, these conditions are sensitive to the patient; therefore we recommend a consultation for information and treatment options.