We are pleased to announce that Mario Hearing and Tinnitus Clinics will now be able to offer Sonic hearing aids at our lowest prices yet. Though Sonic is a lab which we have worked with for some time, we are excited that their new devices will be more affordable to everyone, even if insurance benefits are not available. In addition to common features which allow for proper management of hearing loss (background noise filters, directional microphones, etc), Sonic aids also offer the following:

Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones for streaming and hearing aid control. Sonic hearing aids are compatible with iPhones and certain Android devices. An app can be downloaded for fuller access to the hearing aids. A full list of compatible smartphones can be found at https://www.sonici.com/connectivity.

Lithium rechargeable batteries allow for the hearing aids to be recharged at night while you sleep, removing the need to replace the batteries every week. The rechargeable battery should last throughout the day once fully charged and should not need replacement by your hearing professional or the lab for several years.

Remote adjustment is available using Sonic’s smartphone app. The hearing aids can be adjusted by your hearing professional from miles away through your smartphone, making it easier to provide follow up care even if you are unable to come to our office.

Tinnitus management technology allows for us to provide helpful sounds for our tinnitus patients. Those who require direct clinical intervention for their tinnitus should first be screened and tested to determine candidacy, and the availability of features such as these in Sonic aids allows us to provide management at a lower cost than before.

Contact our office today for a hearing test and hearing aid consult to talk about Sonic!